Our Vision is Continually Evolving

Our Developement Plan

Entrance to The Sheltering Tree, Bunnell, FL.

In May of 2014, the Board of Directors developed a two-year strategic plan that accomplished several basic objectives.  It was to revitalize and provide direction for our mission, and make our vision manageable, attainable, and directly support the folks in our community that needed the most help.  

This plan has developed over the years and will continue to be discussed and developed further at our regularly scheduled board meetings.

Goal #1

The Sheltering Tree's Plan.

Our primary goal is to manage the Flagler County Family Assistance Center, Inc. (FCFAC), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with efficiency, transparency, and in honest service of the less fortunate in Flagler County on an ongoing basis.  Without obtaining this goal on a continuing basis, we will be unable to consistently reach our other goals.  

Goal #2

The Sheltering Tree, Bunnell, FL provides meals for our guest.

The Sheltering Tree provides those in need, whether homeless or nearly homeless with a safe warm shelter, food, and clothing when the weather is 40 degrees or colder, (The Cold Weather Shelter).  We help those in all Flagler County who for one reason or another need to get out of the cold. This is an ongoing challenge we must face.  Currently, we are currently exploring new locations for the Cold Weather Shelter. Any ideas or leads are appreciated and can be emailed to flaglershelteringtree@yahoo.com

Goal #3

We provide assistance to both the nearly and chronically homeless of Flagler County,  Florida.

Our goal is to provide assistance to the less fortunate in Flagler County with the tools, guidance, and support necessary to enter permanent housing, OMT ( One Man at a Time).

Goal #4

We provide emergency food when the shelter is open.

The Sheltering Tree strives to provide extreme weather shelter and basic survival necessities including snacks, hydration, and clothing 365 days a year to those in need of assistance in Flagler County.  Currently, we are currently exploring new locations for the Cold Weather Shelter. Any ideas or leads are appreciated and can be emailed to flaglershelteringtree@yahoo.com.  

How can you help?

Your support and donations allow us to keep the shelter open.

Donations of food, clothing, and other.


Please Help

Real People Helping Real People in Flagler County

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals found on our NEEDS page. 

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