Meet Joe Golan

The Bike Men of Flagler County

We lovingly refer to Joe as “The Bike Man”.  He serves the community by volunteering with a few local charities servicing and repairing bicycles.

Joe faithfully comes to The Sheltering Tree on Tuesdays when the office is open.  He sets up his mobile shop and works in the parking lot assisting anyone that needs help with their bike.  He provides excellent maintenance and donates countless parts and materials to get bikes on the road again.  He offers friendly conversation as he assists those who come for help.  

Joe is truly an asset to The Sheltering Tree.  Recently he went out of his way and was very persistent until he obtained 15 bikes from the Sheriff’s office from their unclaimed bike supply. These bikes continue to bless so many folks that have no other form of transportation.  He’s always looking for parts so that he can continue to keep the bikes moving.  He also searches the internet and local contacts to obtain tires, tubes, seats, cables and other bike parks so that he has a supply to always be ready to fix a bike when the need arises.  Joe has a little shop set up where we house the bikes which have been graciously donated by a board member.  This enables Joe to work on bikes when he has a spare moment.

There are a few volunteers with The Sheltering Tree who have made it their mission to try to obtain bikes which has blessed us tremendously.  If you know anyone that has a new or used bike sitting around, we’d love to have it.  No matter what the shape, it can be fixed or used for parts. 

By providing transportation to the less fortunate and our homeless population, these folks can sustain a job and take care of their day to day needs.  Without public transportation in Flagler County, this is a great alternative.  Please consider donating.  You may contact the Shelter office at 386-437-3258 x 105 to decide.

Thanks Joe! 

Vicky Le Tellier,

Board member - June, 2018

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